Initial practical know-how first hand

Professional orientation and an impression of every day work life - at mauer* you can combine these efficiently with the opportunity to expand your own knowledge and your personal competence. You will get to know daily business and typical work processes by being directly integrated and you will discover exciting tasks and topics.

The corresponding professional support and qualified supervision is a matter or course.

Make your own impression and read what our student interns have written about their time at mauer*:

Bachelor student, 4th semester, University of Tübingen, 24.02.–09.06.2017

”My two-week ‘speed internship’ at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH was part of a work student activity. At the beginning I was able to get to know the team and was happy to be instructed very closely during the first tasks. This meant that I was quickly able to complete several tasks myself and was still welcome to ask questions if any problems occurred.

The learning curve was even steeper during the internship. In the first week I worked together with colleagues on one due diligence and one audit project. In the following week I participated in three client meetings where I could follow the implementation of both projects up close and was able to provide support with my own input.

On these projects I was particularly impressed by the healthy team harmony, which ensured a positive and motivating working climate and was not even diminished in stress situations.

In summary I can certainly recommend that all students, particularly those in early semesters, undertake an internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH!

Particularly at the beginning of your degree it is a great advantage to have the opportunity of looking around in the large sectors of auditing, tax consultancy and management consultancy in a compact way. This allows you to try out in practice which area best suits your own interests and skills.“

Masters student, 9th Semester, University of Tübingen, 06.03.−31.03.2017

”During my four-week internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH I was able to gain practical experience in the sectors of auditing, tax consultancy and management consultancy and intensify my theoretical knowledge.

The positive atmosphere in the team was a great advantage during the training, raised motivation levels and made sure that I felt comfortable. The colleagues always took sufficient time for training and with any questions, which I found very supportive.

Personally I found the opportunity to take over my only auditing fields in a small annual report already in the second week of my internship very valuable and was highly motivated by this trust.”

Final bachelor year, 9th Semester, University of Tübingen, 01.02.−31.05.2016

”During my internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH I was able to collect preliminary practical experience in the sectors of auditing and management consultancy and was able to clearly and sustainable expand may knowledge in these fields.

In the area of management consultancy I was able to accompany the internal auditing of a large hospital with Mr. Mauer and work actively together with him. I was also able to significantly improve my knowledge of corporate governance through the research for presentations in the course of various lectures.

As part of my internship I was permitted to work on some annual reports and audit some partial sectors myself.

The very kind and helpful team at Mauer GmbH supported me at all times when I had questions on the tasks. I enjoyed my entire time at Mauer GmbH. The constructive and comprehensive feedback on my work helped me to greatly improve my skills during this time.

I would like to say thank you for the pleasant and educations time at Mauer Unternehmensberatung. I had a lot of fun doing the work.”

Masters student, 10th Semester, University of Tübingen, 08.08.−22.08.2014

”As part of a three-week internship I was able to accompany Mr. Mauer personally with a due diligence. I found it particularly exciting that I was allowed to carry out tasks both in the financial and tax due diligence on my own and also had the opportunity to attend meetings between buyers and sellers and to participate in the buyer’s strategic considerations and in the acquisition and integration phase.

The internship gave me the opportunity to apply the theoretical aspects of my studies in a practical way. The time involved a steep learning curve and I was treated like a full member of the team at all times.“ 

Bachelor student, 6th Semester, University of Tübingen, 10.06.−18.07.2014

”I profited a lot from my time at Mauer WPG. It gave me the valuable opportunity to gain initial practical experience in the sector of auditing and to already gain far-reaching insights in this area. I was also able to expand experience in sectors such as corporate governance and risk management in the long term, particularly in the context of management consulting.

I felt welcome and comfortable at all times at Mauer WPG. The colleagues always supported me very well. I would like to emphasise the friendly and professional atmosphere.

The colleagues always took time for me when explaining the tasks and were always open to questions at later stages. Great importance was placed on my training and personal development at Mauer WPG, which is a great advantage for interns.

While I was scheduling my internship Mauer WPG displayed great flexibility and consideration. I already decided at my interview, which I was invited to shortly after my application, that I would accept the offer of an internship as soon as a suitable period was available.

I can recommend an internship at Mauer WPG with a clear conscience and will be pleased to do so.“

Masters student, 7th Semester, University of Tübingen, 03.03.−04.04.2014

”I greatly enjoyed my internship at your law office. I learned a lot about auditing and consultancy work. Also all the colleagues were kind and helpful. I really liked the casual atmosphere in your team.

My favourite thing was to go on audits as I was able to get to know different companies and participate actively in the annual reports.

I would like to say thank you for familiarising me with the auditing from the beginning and placing a lot of trust in me. I was happy to support you in your work.“

Bachelor student, 3rd Semester, University of Tübingen, 17.02.−11.04.2014

”I greatly enjoyed the internship at your company. I could get an insight into many sectors and work in all the departments. I particularly liked that my opinion and my work were respected. I knew that the product of my work was important.

I really liked having the opportunity to collect my first experience in the sector of management consultancy and felt supported in my decision to consider this sector in my career choices.

Even if the literature research was hard work and sometimes tiring it now helps me in lectures as I am already familiar with some of the subject matter. So in the end it wasn’t so bad.

All in all I would like to give positive feedback. The internship was hard work but I gained a lot of insight into the sectors of consulting and management consultancy. I felt welcome in the team and always had a contact person to support me with questions or problems. Many thanks and best regards also to Dr. Sauter. It was very pleasant to share an office with him and many a strenuous day was more relaxed because of the good conversations we had.”