In the future,
those who unleash the full
potential of sustainability
will lead.

»Sustainable corporate management is becoming increasingly important – but also business-critical. To implement regulations and unlock potentials, it requires comprehensive business, technical, and legal expertise from a single source.«
Prof. Dr. Stefan Marx
Director of the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Corporate Governance and Auditing
Auditor, Tax Consultant
Managing Partner, Mauer Group
Stephan Mauer
Auditor, Tax Consultant
Certified Compliance Expert
Managing Partner, Mauer Group
Stephan Mauer und Stefan Marx Wirtschaftsprüfer Mauer

Leading companies sustainably.
The added values of Mauer.

Capture regulatory requirements.

We identify which new laws and regulations are relevant for you and your future direction. In this process, our legal and business expertise, coupled with our pragmatic approach tailored for medium-sized businesses, comes to your advantage.


We assess the potentials that sustainable corporate management holds for you. With our multiprofessional approach, we integrate economic, technical, IT, mathematical, and strategic considerations to chart the future course of your company.


Sustainable is what is firmly embedded in the company. This requires methodical approaches and streamlined processes that are lived and embraced by employees.
Mauer Team Über uns

A whole
team stands
behind you.

For you, we bring together interdisciplinary expertise as tax consultants, auditors, business economists, engineers, mathematicians, and information technology specialists.
»Pragmatic and efficient solutions are required when it comes to risk management and internal control systems. This is exactly what we have been receiving from Mauer for many years - and we benefit from their extensive expertise and forward-thinking consulting.«
Philipp Seusing
Head of Risk Management and Internal Control System,
LEONI AG, Nürnberg

What is your issue?

Internal Audit
Internal Control System
Risk Management
Adherence to laws and internal regulations, Compliance Management System (CMS)) according to IDW PS 980.
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive EU Directive on Sustainability Reporting.
European Sustainability Standards, mandatory standards for EU sustainability reporting..
Sustainability consisting of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).
The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) has been in effect since January 1, 2023, imposing extensive obligations on companies regarding human rights in the supply chain.
Environmental Social Governance
Data security, Information Security Management System (ISMS), Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS), and NIS2 Directive.
The Internal Audit examines and monitors internal work processes for their accuracy, regularity, appropriateness, and efficiency. The goal is to increase efficiency and simultaneously reduce risks in the company, as well as to present alternative courses of action to the management. IDW PS 983
Internal Control System (ICS), implementation of a 4-eye principle to protect company and shareholder assets from FRAUD and processing errors. Relevant standards are IDW PS 980 and 982.
Risk Management (RMS): Systematic identification and assessment of business risks, as well as their aggregation. Relevant audit standards include IDW PS 340 and IDW PS 981.

What You
Benefit From

Personalized support and
long-term contact persons
Extensive process and
industry understanding
Midsize DNA and
practiced pragmatism
High professionalism of
the deployed experts
Fair pricing

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