A new chapter for the Mauer Group: Everything in the green

A new chapter for the Mauer Group: Everything in the green
February 5, 2024
Insights overview

Sustainable practices and responsible business are becoming increasingly important. Consequently, the Mauer Group has taken a major step that not only affects its external appearance, but also reflects its internal self-image.

The decision to revise the corporate design is no coincidence. For the Mauer Group, sustainability is not just a trend or an option, but an integral part of its corporate philosophy. The new colour symbolizes its commitment to a world in which economic success goes hand in hand with corporate responsibility and sustainability. Following the key principle of "operate securely and sustainably", the Mauer Group is emphasizing its ambition to play a pioneering role in sustainable entrepreneurship – whether for customers such as freelancers, medium-sized companies or DAX-listed corporations. Customers benefit, for example, from the comprehensive expertise in auditing and consulting on all aspects of sustainability reporting, which around 15,000 companies in Germany now have to take into account. Special attention is paid to advising and supporting all healthcare professions such as doctors, medical practices and medical centres. Here, the Mauer Group has also built up a first-class network that goes beyond traditional tax consultancy services.

Therefore, the Mauer Group is redefining itself in two strategic areas: As experts in Tax & Auditing (mauer-berater.com), as well as experts in Sustainability Advisory & Governance Risk Compliance (mauer-wpg.com). This expertise is united under one roof at the Reutlingen and Stuttgart locations to accompany companies on their path to a sustainable future.

With a local presence and an international network, the consultants of the Mauer Group support their clients with personality and empathy. Because for them, it is not only the result that matters, but also the path to it. A path characterised by integrity, trust and a shared vision.