Sustainability is not
a trend – it is the
future-oriented way
of thinking.

Whether it's customer loyalty, compliance, or lending – GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) and sustainability in the company are demanded from various perspectives today. Germany aims for climate neutrality by 2045, and both lawmakers and stakeholders, employees, and customers are raising their expectations for genuinely practiced sustainability.
Since June 2021, financial institutions have been considering Environmental Social Governance (ESG) risks in their assessment of lending. Under the European Green Deal, efforts are still being made to refine the Taxonomy Regulation, which came into effect in January 2022. The Corporate Responsibility Reporting Directive (CSRD) from 2024 not only ensures standardized sustainability reporting but also imposes significantly expanded reporting and auditing obligations. Responsible actions, i.e., sustainability in companies, are thus brought into the spotlight, even for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We provide oversight and expertise tailored to the mid-sized sector: not only for experienced CSR experts but also for companies that are newly entering this realm and want to align their reporting and management with foresight according to these laws. With our sustainability consulting, we create added value for your company, the environment, and society. We are happy to support you individually in consulting projects for the implementation of sustainability initiatives and also through tailored workshops, training sessions, and (in-house) education aligned with your needs.

Sustainability Reporting

Where do you currently stand? Whether it's addressing current questions about your reporting or guiding you through the entire process of implementing sustainability reporting, we are here to advise and support you.

In four steps, we work with you to develop a legally secure and trustworthy reporting framework for all stakeholders, considering the essential reporting standards and metrics. We can also assist you in creating a handbook and establishing an auditing process.
  • Identifying relevant regulations and developing an individual timeline and implementation plan for the client.
  • If necessary, project planning, such as workshops for a detailed analysis of the Taxonomy Compass in connection with the business model, business input.
  • Inventory and analysis to determine which CSRD indicators (defined by ESRS) are relevant for the clients (Materiality analysis considering Double Materiality).
  • Development of organizational structures and processes, including subsidiaries, including defining responsibilities and process workflows.
  • Establishment of data collection and control processes, including a consolidated sustainability package for the group management report.
  • Support in integrating the indicators into regular reporting, e.g., through workshops.

Tailored offers, such as specific expertise, outsourcing of project implementation, and support with auditing by accompanying auditors:

  • Support in defining realistic objectives for the development of key indicators in the company and a structured planning process.
  • Linking the requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act with the Minimum Safeguards criteria of the EU Taxonomy, as well as the social standards of the CSRD, to leverage synergies.
  • Development of a concept for integrating relevant indicators, risks, and measures in the Risk Management System (RMS) and Internal Control System (IKS), including assistance in building sensitivity analyses for correlating CSRD and Taxonomy indicators, as well as analyzing the impact of the existing risk universe on these sustainability indicators.
  • Establishment, if listed on the stock exchange, of an ad-hoc reporting process in the event of changes in indicators.
  • Creation of a handbook and documentation of sustainability management.
  • Facilitation of a trial run for sustainability reporting.
  • Establishment of a process for auditing sustainability indicators at the group and subsidiary levels.

Regulatory Guide

Every company is affected by sustainability regulations. This includes the healthcare sector and the public sector. But which laws, which EU regulations, and which compliance issues are relevant to your company?

We keep track for you and provide guidance amid the increasing complexity. We also advise you on how to meet regulatory requirements.

Commission your Regulatory Check-Up now and benefit from a tailored guide for your company.

Additional Services

Specialized advice for specific regulatory challenges - this is also part of our Sustainability Advisory:
  • Audit of sustainability reporting according to CSRD
  • Internal audit in the sustainability sector/on sustainability topics
  • Sustainability due diligence
  • Voluntary audit of specific aspects of the sustainability report, e.g., certain economic activities according to EU Taxonomy.
  • Gap analysis
  • Risk analysis, documentation of measures, and integration into existing GRC systems, e.g., IKS
  • Redefinition of required processes (organizational structure and workflow)
  • Assistance in supplier communication
  • Gap analysis
  • Integration into LkSG processes
  • Risk analysis, documentation of measures, and integration into existing GRC systems, e.g., IKS
  • Redefinition of required processes (organizational structure and workflow)
  • Assistance in supplier/trader/customer communication