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The Mauer Spirit:
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Business consulting is teamwork. Only with a diverse range of skills can we succeed in solving the challenges of our clients and identify new opportunities in the workplace of tomorrow. As a young team with open communication and a dynamic culture, we help and support each other in discovering our full potential – and unleashing that of our clients. The top priority? That we all look forward to going to work. You can expect a trusting atmosphere, room for personal growth, and exciting, forward-thinking projects, whether you join us as an intern, working student, professional, or partner.

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Benefits at Mauer:
What you can count on

Flexible Work Arrangements

Working remotely from home is seamlessly integrated into our workflow. For an optimal balance between work and family, we offer various part-time solutions, hourly models, and adaptable working hours depending on the position. Select the work arrangement that best suits your needs.

Celebrating Successes

At Mauer, we enjoy coming together, whether it's for our cozy weekly pretzel gathering or regular team lunches. Our summer and Christmas parties provide opportunities for us to revel in a creative ambiance while savoring excellent cuisine, all in recognition of our accomplishments.

Enjoy a massage

Wednesday is massage day. Twice a month, every team member has the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing back and neck massage from our in-house physiotherapist.

Sweetening your breaks

Fresh Demeter fruit straight from the Bläsiberg, small snacks and a fully equipped coffee and tea kitchen on each floor await you for your breaks and meetings.

Cheering with the Tigers

The Tübinger Tigers play top-notch basketball, and the Mauer Group is proud to be an official business partner. This provides our team members with the opportunity to spend an evening together in the VIP lounge.

And much more

To ensure everyone feels truly comfortable at work, we not only prioritize sustainability but also have many other offerings in store. For instance, special leave for the significant events in your life. What this specifically means for you is best discussed in a joint interview. We look forward to meeting you!
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  • Please submit your application via email to our Human Resources Coordinator Jana Döcker (
  • You can expect a response within the next three business days, either by email or phone
  • You will receive an invitation for an interview with the Human Resources Coordinator, the management team, and potentially the relevant department. Ideally, the interview will take place on-site at our premises for a more thorough introduction 
  • A second interview may be scheduled as needed 
  • Following the interview process, you will receive feedback from the HR department and be provided with contract documents for your signature
  • On your first day, you will receive a welcome package containing all relevant information 
  • A guided tour of the premises on your first day to introduce you to your colleagues 
  • Personal support provided by a mentor and co-mentor to facilitate your integration into the company
  • Continuous learning and personal development are prioritized and encouraged within our organization 
  • A fast and straightforward approval process is in place for participating in specific professional development activities with relevant subject matter
  • We support and welcome any professional exams, providing assistance for your success

Unsolicited Application

If your desired position is not listed in our current job openings, we welcome your meaningful unsolicited application. Please send it via email to our Human Resources Coordinator, Jana Döcker:

Internships & Work-Study Programs

At Mauer, you'll immerse yourself in the complete world of management consulting. You'll be right in the midst of projects, working directly with our clients on-site. In close collaboration with auditors and project managers, you'll work independently, gaining invaluable practical experience and building essential connections.

If you have a strong academic background in a business or economics-related field – preferably with a focus on auditing, taxes, or finance and accounting – or if you have a foundational education as an industrial engineer or medical engineer, we want to hear from you. Good English skills, a dedicated and team-oriented approach, a keen interest in numbers, and a passion for teamwork are essential qualities we value.

Your entry point at Mauer: Either as a short-term internship lasting four to eight weeks, a long-term internship for a deeper immersion over six months, or a work-study program alongside your studies.

We look forward to hearing from you at

Experience Reports

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Internship Semester, 7th Semester
Working Student, 6th Semester
2-week internship, 4th semester
4-week internship, 9th semester
2-month internship, 9th semester
3-week internship, 10th semester
4-week internship, 3rd semester

"During my internship, I undertook a variety of tasks and gained extensive insights into the world of management consulting and auditing. I actively participated in two main areas: firstly, the examination of financial statements. This activity allowed me to develop a deep understanding of finance and accounting. I learned how to analyze balance sheets and financial reports to draw well-founded conclusions. The second focus of my work was the establishment and implementation of an internal control system, particularly in the areas of Treasury and Accounting. This provided me with valuable insights into the importance of control and compliance in large organizations.

I found my engagement with sustainability issues particularly captivating. The increasing relevance of these topics for companies became increasingly clear to me during my internship. Exploring the evolution of these issues and the necessity for companies to confront these challenges left a lasting impression on me. I also had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the complex guidelines and regulations in the sustainability sector.

I particularly enjoyed working with the Mauer team. My colleagues were always helpful and supportive, significantly easing my onboarding and learning experience. I had the chance to work independently on projects and continuously enhance my skills. Visiting clients and gaining deep insights into their business processes was a valuable experience that not only imparted technical knowledge but also deepened my understanding of the practical application of my work.

Due to the positive experiences during my internship, I am now continuing my professional journey as a working student at Mauer-Gruppe."

“My work as a working student in the Audit department was a challenging and enriching time during which I learned and experienced a lot. I was part of a professional and supportive team that guided me through various audit tasks.

I had the opportunity to contribute to audits for clients in diverse industries and sizes. This allowed me not only to apply and deepen theoretical knowledge from my studies but also to acquire practical skills such as communication, organization, and problem-solving.

I always felt comfortable and appreciated, benefiting from the extensive knowledge and experience of my colleagues.”

”My two-week ‘speed internship’ at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH was part of a work student activity. At the beginning I was able to get to know the team and was happy to be instructed very closely during the first tasks. This meant that I was quickly able to complete several tasks myself and was still welcome to ask questions if any problems occurred. 

The learning curve was even steeper during the internship. In the first week I worked together with colleagues on one due diligence and one audit project. In the following week I participated in three client meetings where I could follow the implementation of both projects up close and was able to provide support with my own input. 

On these projects I was particularly impressed by the healthy team harmony, which ensured a positive and motivating working climate and was not even diminished in stress situations. 

In summary I can certainly recommend that all students, particularly those in early semesters, undertake an internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH! 

Particularly at the beginning of your degree it is a great advantage to have the opportunity of looking around in the large sectors of auditing, tax consultancy and management consultancy in a compact way. This allows you to try out in practice which area best suits your own interests and skills.“

”During my four-week internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH I was able to gain practical experience in the sectors of auditing, tax consultancy and management consultancy and intensify my theoretical knowledge. 

The positive atmosphere in the team was a great advantage during the training, raised motivation levels and made sure that I felt comfortable. The colleagues always took sufficient time for training and with any questions, which I found very supportive. 

Personally I found the opportunity to take over my only auditing fields in a small annual report already in the second week of my internship very valuable and was highly motivated by this trust.”

”During my internship at Mauer Unternehmensberatung GmbH I was able to collect preliminary practical experience in the sectors of auditing and management consultancy and was able to clearly and sustainable expand may knowledge in these fields. 

In the area of management consultancy I was able to accompany the internal auditing of a large hospital with Mr. Mauer and work actively together with him. I was also able to significantly improve my knowledge of corporate governance through the research for presentations in the course of various lectures. 

As part of my internship I was permitted to work on some annual reports and audit some partial sectors myself. 

The very kind and helpful team at Mauer GmbH supported me at all times when I had questions on the tasks. I enjoyed my entire time at Mauer GmbH. The constructive and comprehensive feedback on my work helped me to greatly improve my skills during this time. 

I would like to say thank you for the pleasant and educations time at Mauer Unternehmensberatung. I had a lot of fun doing the work.”

”As part of a three-week internship I was able to accompany Mr. Mauer personally with a due diligence. I found it particularly exciting that I was allowed to carry out tasks both in the financial and tax due diligence on my own and also had the opportunity to attend meetings between buyers and sellers and to participate in the buyer’s strategic considerations and in the acquisition and integration phase. 

The internship gave me the opportunity to apply the theoretical aspects of my studies in a practical way. The time involved a steep learning curve and I was treated like a full member of the team at all times.“

”I greatly enjoyed the internship at your company. I could get an insight into many sectors and work in all the departments. I particularly liked that my opinion and my work were respected. I knew that the product of my work was important. 

I really liked having the opportunity to collect my first experience in the sector of management consultancy and felt supported in my decision to consider this sector in my career choices. 

Even if the literature research was hard work and sometimes tiring it now helps me in lectures as I am already familiar with some of the subject matter. So in the end it wasn’t so bad. 

All in all I would like to give positive feedback. The internship was hard work but I gained a lot of insight into the sectors of consulting and management consultancy. I felt welcome in the team and always had a contact person to support me with questions or problems. Many thanks and best regards also to Dr. Sauter. It was very pleasant to share an office with him and many a strenuous day was more relaxed because of the good conversations we had.”