Combined GRC Expertise: GBTEC and Mauer Unternehmensberatung form a strategic partnership.

Combined GRC Expertise: GBTEC and Mauer Unternehmensberatung form a strategic partnership.
September 1, 2022
Insights overview

A new bond between Vienna and Reutlingen: The recently formed partnership between the software developer GBTEC and Mauer leads to the bundling of expertise of the two GRC specialists. This ensures that customers receive the best possible support during the planning, implementation, and operation of their active GRC management system.

Mauer brings extensive, domain-specific implementation experience complemented by GBTEC's IT expertise, providing comprehensive services in the field of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). GBTEC has been specializing in digitizing various GRC disciplines for over 15 years, supporting companies worldwide with the BIC GRC software platform.

"We are committed to offering our clients not only targeted consulting and project support but also a software solution that enables optimal risk and compliance management. With GBTEC, we have found a strong partner capable of addressing all use cases in the GRC domain due to its extensive product portfolio," explains Stephan Mauer, founder, and managing partner of Mauer.

Samuel Brandstätter, Head of Product Line GRC and Managing Director at GBTEC Austria, adds: "Designing and establishing GRC management processes is a comprehensive and crucial undertaking, where many of our clients rely on consulting partners like Mauer. The collaboration of consulting and IT expertise creates valuable synergies, from which our clients can increasingly benefit in the future through the sealing of this partnership."

Mauer and GBTEC both advocate the philosophy that an efficient and effective GRC management system lays the foundation for integral, value-oriented corporate governance. This consensus is the optimal basis for a long-term, successful collaboration between the two GRC specialists.


The GBTEC Austria GmbH is driven by the conviction that the digitization of GRC processes significantly enhances the success of innovative organizations. At the core of their efforts is the efficient integration of these processes into corporate practices and culture.

This is made possible through GBTEC's GRC software, BIC GRC, which offers customers flexible and adaptable custom solutions or easily implementable standard solutions based on their preferences. With BIC GRC, customers have a tool that helps them reliably achieve their goals, deal with uncertainties, act with integrity, and continuously develop the maturity of organizational GRC processes. The world's largest and most successful energy providers, insurance companies, banks, telecommunications, and retail companies trust GBTEC and operate their GRC processes with BIC GRC.

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