Tax & Services

"Lack of knowledge of tax laws does not release you from the obligation to pay taxes. Knowledge often does."

Amschel Meyer Rothschild (1744 - 1812), German aristocrat and banker

As a tax consultancy firm we take on all tasks in the areas of tax consultancy, accountancy and annual report production. We support corporations and partnerships as well as private persons and individual companies to produce annual reports and tax returns. As consultants we also support you in cost controlling and accounting.

We accompany you competently and reliably in all tax questions for everyday business - from accounting to tax returns to redress procedures and representation at financial courts. This also involves forward looking tax planing and advice that is tailored to your individual needs, for example on particularly important tax questions such as the purchase and sale of companies or shares thereof or when composing contracts.

Our services at a glance:

  • Ongoing financial accounting
  • Ongoing cost controlling
  • Ongoing reporting to management/partners
  • Ongoing payroll accounts
  • The production of tax balance sheets or reconciliation accounts
  • Calculating latent taxes
  • Producing tax returns (ESt, KSt, GewSt, USt)


  • Accompanying tax office inspections
  • Conducting redress procedures
  • Tax optimisation for natural persons
  • Advice on company succession regulations
  • The production of inheritance and gift tax returns
  • Advice on corporate transactions
  • Tax due diligence