"Science is organised knowledge.
Wisdom is organised life."

Immanuel Kant

Over the years we have gathered comprehensive knowledge in different sectors. We offer sector-related, comprehensive, economic, technical and IT expertise. The interdisciplinary cooperation between auditors, engineers, Certified Internal Auditors and Certified Information Systems Auditors  

as well as tax consultants allows comprehensive sector-related consultancy. You profit from our benchmarks and synergy effects that result from the experience of our experts as auditors and advisors.

Life Science: Secure reasons for decisions

The life science sector has been subjected to drastic changes in recent years and the framework conditions are still changing rapidly. Demographic change, new players on the market, the increased sensitivity of patients, improved legal frameworks for patients and continually dynamic regulation initiatives are just some of the challenges facing life science companies.

Add to this the fact that the sector is subjected to ongoing cost and innovation pressure. At the same time there are attractive growth opportunities because of research and innovation strength as well as expansion potential in emerging economies. This means that vital decisions for the future need to be made at increasingly short intervals.


In order to ensure profitability and sustainable growth in these highly innovative surroundings it is necessary to place the highest requirements on the evaluation of companies and technologies as well as on secure reasons for decisions and IT systems. We will support you on this with our many years of experience and our competence in complex evaluation issues, internal and external audits and in the sector of cyber assurance and IT compliance.

Our services at a glance:

Transaction & Evaluation:

  • Due diligence tests for investors (financial and tax)
  • Post-Merger-Integration-Audits (PMI)
  • Evaluation services: Company evaluations, shareholding valuations, expert activity for buyers, sellers, court matters (the appropriateness of cash settlements in share law, squeeze-out procedures, reports in accordance with KAGB), evaluations for employee participation programmes and VAP
  • Accounting: Evaluation services both in accordance with HGB and IFRS with regard to fair value evaluations (IFRS 13 and IFRS 19), impairment tests (IFRS 34), IP (IFRS 38) and PPAs (Purchase Price Allocation, IFRS 31)

Assurance, final tests and internal audit:

  • Auditing of annual and group reports in accordance with HGB and IFRS, production of comfort letters
  • Special tests in accordance with AktG
  • Formation audits
  • Internal audits of all operational areas of the organisation, compliance and fraud as well as compliance and risk management systems and PMI audits

Cyber Assurance & IT-Compliance:

  • IT audits as part of our internal audit services and for final audits
  • Checking and increasing the stability of your IT security and your IT compliance

Accounting & Taxation:

  • Second Opinion
  • Advice on specific and also complex issues, e.g. turnover realisation
  • Implementation of controlling and reporting systems including IT


  • Production of annual reports and interim statements
  • Advice on tax issues, e.g. transfer prices
  • Ongoing tax consultancy and tax return work
  • Accounting and cost control tasks

Restructuring & turnaround management:

  • Restructuring reports and continuation forecasts in accordance with IDW S 6
  • Restructuring and optimisation of processes and the organisation of all value creation areas and service functions
  • Financing and liquidity assurance 
  • Interim management

Governance, Compliance & Risk Management:

  • Advice on and implementation of risk management systems across the company or to test the stability and validity of the existing systems
  • Identification and implementation of improvement potential
  • From start-up through to the steady state of the organisation: Support looking for the right person for each of your roles
  • Functions and issues with organs such as the supervisory board, advisory board and management or rather board, creating profiles for the functions to be filled
  • Design and implementation of procedural roles, communication roles, monitoring systems and reporting systems so that your organisation has effective governance
  • Introduction of a compliance management system, evaluation of your existing compliance management system for completeness, efficiency and improvement potential

Health Care: Controlling and monitoring risks

The competitive realignment of the hospitals requires a fundamental change from administration to management and is one of the biggest challenges for all managers. Clinics that operate active risk management have proven market advantages. Forward-looking control of risks and opportunities decide whether a hospital belongs to the winners or losers in the market consolidation. High result and process quality and - from the point of view of the patients - personal attention and noticeable service quality are the decisive goal parameters. The active management of medical quality, duration, services, yields and costs is increasingly becoming the strategic success factor.

Establishment of effective internal auditing plays a vital role in securing and improving the most important processes at the hospital. Internal auditing as an instrument of company management aims to monitor and improve the processes, their controls and the risk management system. It is also an important foundation in the avoidance of undesired liability consequences for the management and monitoring organs at the clinic legislation and jurisdiction expressly emphasise the importance of risk management and risk controlling and their effective monitoring by the internal audit.


We show you strategies how a comprehensive, holistic risk management system can be developed and monitored in order to effectively support achievement of the objectives and to ensure the demanding legal requirements from your corporate governance.

We have certified risk managers at the hospital in accordance with the DKI (German hospitals institute) in the following areas:

  • Organisation of risk management in the hospital
  • Legal structuring of risk management at the hospital
  • Economic risk and opportunity management at the hospital
  • Introduction and optimisation of the instruments of clinical risk management at the hospital
  • Professional damage management and handling of incidents
  • 3Be system and CIRS/introduction and implementation of a reporting, processing and resolution system for near miss incidents and errors
  • Process-oriented risk analysis (PORA)
  • Risk inventory and risk portfolio


Our life science customers come from the sectors and areas:
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bio-technology
  • Medical product manufacturers
  • Diagnostics firms
  • Pharmaceuticals wholesaler
  • Agri-business/food/chemicals
  • Logistics entrepreneurs



  • Venture capital/private equity/investors
  • Pharmaceuticals suppliers
  • Start-up companies
  • Ministries, academic research facilities
  • Hospitals

In the healthcare sector we advise various clinics and maximum treatment hospitals, particularly in the GRC area:

  • governance, risk and compliance

Whenever teamwork is required

For certain sectors or tasks we work with the specialised and renowned experts. For example in the evaluation of projects, products or strategies with Villinger Valuation, Basel,